This whole blog is my own soap box from which I discuss my life as an Unseasoned Wag but I don’t want to be completely self-absorbed because I do believe that a lot of topics I cover just by keeping a diary of my everyday wife-ing & life-ing could be things that others can appreciate, relate to & maybe even learn from.

As a polite heads up, here’s a brief – alphabetic, of course! – index of nice & not-so-nice topics* you’ll likely to find in here to help you to decide whether to pull up a chair & read or to head on over to Etsy to coo over marvellous, unique things you need in your life for no real reason (no, YOU spend too much time on Etsy!):

  • Bariatric Surgery; fitness classes, health improvement, nutrition, therapy, weight journey
  • Breaking Stigmas & Stereotypes; mental health, size, wags
  • Career; day jobs, office life, wrestling, writing
  • Events; get togethers, performances, social events, wrestling shows
  • Film & TV; Disney, guilty pleasures, reality TV
  • Food; healthy recipes, home cooking, eating out
  • Friends & Family; long distance relationships, fur babies, mate dates
  • Gratitude Attitude; counting your blessings, goals, inspiration, journaling, motivation
  • Health; chronic illness, endometriosis, fybromyalgia, sleep apnoea
  • Married Life; date nights, wedding, honeymoon
  • Memories & Anecdotes; growing up, being married to a wrestler
  • Mental Wellbeing; depression, others living with mental illness, suicide
  • My Wag Life; personal bits, my reality
  • Plus Size Lifestyle; body confidence, daily struggles, fat acceptance, fat fashion
  • Reviews & Collaborations; gifted opportunities, purchased products
  • Self Care & Self Love; beauty, choice power, me time, you do you
  • Wifestyle; being a housewife, home life, how my other half lives, make your house a home

*And if you’d like to collaborate or discuss a guest post from myself about any of my areas of “expertise”, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!