About Me

Unseasoned” (adjective): not sufficiently experienced for use as by the passage of time, still has a lot to learn to prove oneself – I’m a touch wet behind the ears as a wife with just two years of wedded bliss under my belt.

WAG/Wag” (abbreviated noun): meaning “wives and girlfriends”, usually in reference to socialites of media married to famous footballers & known for glamour & stealing headlines – I’m also inexperienced in being a stereotypical wag because, although I would love the glamorous life of Mrs Beckham or any of the Real Housewives of Cheshire, being married to a wrestler is a far different kettle of fish from being married to a footballer; I work a 9-5 in insurance, I can’t afford a boob lift & I pick up my dog’s poo from my garden myself.

I’m Mrs Dani(elle) Walmsley the Yorkshire-mouthed, obese, thirtysomething wife of a professional wrestler, with a life not too dissimilar to the far-fetched drama he performs within the ring.

As per the definitions, I am in every way the Unseasoned Wag; new to being a Mrs & even more so to the pampered, sociable Wag lifestyle (note: I generally dislike people & anything that involves leaving my home/my pjyamas).

Plus, wag = dog = our fur baby, Betsy, who needs referencing because I dare say she’ll be the star of many a blog post I write.

So join me, my wrestlerman & my puggle as I learn more each day about how to wife & life like a pro while I wag even harder than Betsy. Enjoy the ride!

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x