5 Extraordinary Ordinary Gifts for Him (#AD – PR Products)

(Ad – Contains PR samples)

Hands up who else struggles to buy surprise presents for “him”?

Everything we buy for our husbands, dads, brothers, friends is either unnecessary (because they don’t want a fuss over them), unwanted (because we overestimated how well it would be received) or an accidental duplicate (because the men who have everything, have everything!).

We try so hard to think outside the box that we forget the simple gift worthy items.

I know I’m guilty of thinking that the likes of toiletries are too unimaginative or impersonal a gift to buy my wrestlerman.

Oh how very wrong I was!

With just a little time spent searching small, local, handmade & more niche businesses, I found there are so many extraordinary revamps of those ordinary gifts that previously bored us.

And, to make these hidden treasures even more desirable for him, they’re often one of a kind or customised for that extra wow/aww factor (delete as applicable!).

I’ve chosen my 5 favourite gifts for “him” with my husband in mind, but all can be tweaked to suit the men in your life:

1. Sock It To Him

No, our eyes are not deceiving us – this really is a pair of socks with my face all over them.

A personalised gift doesn’t get more personal than having our fizzog emblazoned on it!

PrintsField put a spring in every step he’ll take with these face-adorned footwear that will do more than just keep his toes toasty.

Granted, most people opt for their childrens’ or pets’ faces but, when he’s travelling the world over at his wrestling shows, I shamelessly want to remind him of his flame-haired favourite at home. Sorry not sorry!

(And, even more shamelessly, I’d like to offer everyone 20% off with my cheeky PrintsField discount code to treat your mister: “theunseasonedwag20”).

2. Hair Care That’ll Grow On Him

Spoiler alert: there are accessible male grooming gift boxes beyond the generic 3-for-2 Christmas deals from Boots.

Trend Him specialise in gifts for the multiple “hims” in our lives, from our clean shaven babyfaces to our bearded brutes & everyone inbetween.

This beard care set of shampoo, conditioner & wax is logically fantastic because he can use it in his daily regime.

But, more than that, it’s something that his typically – and boringly – practical brain would likely never be bothered to buy for himself, adding that instant personal touch from you to him!

3. Soak His Scares Away

He might like to think he’s the most masculine thing this side of a roaring burp after necking a pint, but we all know they still love a good soak in the bath.

Bath bombs might not be the obvious gift choice for a male gift.

But horror movies aren’t the obvious inspiration for bath bombs either, so hear me out!

Bath products with their sweet scents & skin softening goodness are oh so stereotypically girlie.

Or, at least, they were til Poison Paradise Scent put their unique, boy friendly & frankly amazing spin on the feminine favourite.

Their original fusion of classic horror icons & classic beauty products is an instant testosterone injection into the humble bath bomb.

He can pay homage to his favourite serial killer while soaking away the horrors of his real life (& moisturise his soft skin with the grape seed oil they’re made with, but he doesn’t need to know that part!).

4. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Standard boxes of chocolates in all their shiny wrappers look so quintessentially girlie, but a big slab of Yorkie is a bit too 90s now, don’t we think?

Our menfolk can’t be denied of their well earned sweet treat, though.

And, thanks to the chocolate boxes by The Happy Mail, they can now get their fix without losing any man points to the feminine taglines of other confectionery brands.

With the gym friendly protein hit of nuts & nut butter (obviously infused with shitloads of sugar & fat, but shush!) adds an air of masculinity to these handmade Belgian chocolate boxes that he will warmly welcome. And demolish!

An extra bonus is that orders from The Happy Mail are all letterbox sized with the option of being gift boxed directly to the lucky fella.

That battle between expensive unisex wrapping paper & affordable “pretty” gift wrap has already been won for us by this stroke of genius.

5. Player’s Gon’ Play

The final cringy – but relatable & you know it! – male stereotype on my list is that all our husbands, sons, dads, brothers love themselves a bit of gaming.

Losing themselves in an alternate reality is fun & what better way to send them off into their new world for a few hours than with personalised gaming accessories?

My wrestlerman had this 3D printed Nintendo Switch controller sent from a fan but a quick scroll through Etsy has shown me that there are enough 3D printing crafters making these beauties to source yourself.

I also found that these 3D printers are bloody amazing – if you want it making for him, they got you covered!

Armed with these recommendations from yours truly, our days of “what the buggeries can I buy him for his birthday?” trauma are way behind us.

All I can say now is, lucky him.

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

(“5 Extraordinary Ordinary Gifts for Him (#AD – PR Products)” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for The Unseasoned Wag blog)


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