Rich Beyond Money: The Price of Happiness

What really is the price of happiness?

There are always two opposing answers to the age old question “can money buy happiness?”.

I was always firmly of the belief that we can’t buy happiness per se but we sure as hell can pay for the things bringing negativity into our lives to no longer be an issue.

Obviously I don’t mean in a hiring a hitman kind of way (although, y’know, each to their own & that!) but I fully felt that, if we had enough money to throw at it, it would either no longer be an issue to us or become easier to digest.

Thus ridding us of unhappiness &, in turn, buying happiness. Of a fashion.

Although a tad materialistic, I was very confident in my idea that we could pay away the stresses that cause all the unpleasant emotions south of smiley.

We could buy good times rather than pinch pennies to pay utility bills.

We could afford private healthcare so we weren’t as worried about NHS funding to look after our medical ailments.

We could even do things like pay for higher status dating app subscriptions that weed out the loneliness of not getting further than a dirty little secret on Tinder.

After throwing hundreds of pounds of money (that I don’t actually have!) to try save an absolute trauma of a city break a few months ago, I realised that the best part of that trip came free of charge in a hysterical new in-jokes conjured up with the new friend I made during the trip.

The relationship between two “mates” is now a fully fledged friendship that will last a lifetime.

My bank account was at a big fat zero but I was rich beyond money thanks to that friendship.

And, after flashing all that cash, I realised that the thing I was most looking forward to after that trip wasn’t making plans for another treat to recover from that tragedy with, but having my husband ready with the central heating on & cup of tea for my return from the airport.

I realised that the best therapy I could’ve had to get over it all was the reassurance that my bestie is still my bestie regardless of what life puts between us, all at the cost of a few international text messages for me to vent & for her to console & guide me.

I realised that, despite it being cringy as hell to quote lyrics, the best things in life really are free.

Or at least cheap!

What do you think the price of happiness is? Can we buy happiness?

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Rich Beyond Money: The Price of Happiness” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for The Unseasoned Wag blog)

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