Make It A Date: 5 “At Home” Mate Dates to Avoid the Crowds

Pinterest quotes like “chicks before dicks” & “wifey for lifey” would have us believe that we’re to make a choice between our partners & our friends.

But, spoiler alert, we can have our misters and our sisters!

We’ve already discussed “at home” date night ideas to enjoy with the loves of our lives.

Now it’s time to embrace every girlie stereotype for some “at home” mate dates to enjoy without having to face the instability of the outside world right now.

Historically, I despise a stereotype, but sometimes we need some lighthearted fluffy-bunnies-and-pillow-fights style fun with our girls.

I mean, we’ve all seen the “woo girls” episode of How I Met Your Mother!

Grab some sugary snacks, don your pyjamas (or glad rags – delete as applicable) & make a mate date with your BFFs:

1. It’s Showtime!

Let’s dive straight in there with the ultimate girl cliche: the “all by myself” Bridget Jones scene.

We all love to serenade a tub of ice cream when we belt out a movie soundtrack, so up our game & turn that solo into an ensemble with a movie musical night.

Whether a film adaptation of our favourite theatrical masterpieces, a musical recording of the original stage show or even a singalong version, tell your girls to bring their hairbrushes for some girl power & power ballads.

2. Pamper Pals

Let’s be honest, even if our so-called skincare routine is a simple formula of water & flannel, we all love beauty treatment.

We don’t have to pay luxury salon prices to be pampered either when face masks, manicure kits & foot spas are so readily available.

So, for one night only, transform your living room into a cosy spa for your girls & you to be affordably beautified into relaxation.

3. Fright Night

Every decade has its own horror film series to terrify its generation’s teenagers.

To name some classics, the 70s had The Omen movies, the 80s owned the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the 90s perfected the Scream collection & the 00s created the Insidious line.

And the only way to settle who’s villain of choice is the the best of the worst is to gather your girls, turn off all the lights & scare ourselves silly with a horror film fest.

I totally understand if you “forget” to invite that one friend who makes everyone jump at the worst time too – those friends get me every time!

4. Shop Til You Drop: The Home Edition

Ann Summers. Scentsy. Body Shop.

Whatever theme piques our interest, there’s a party plan company out there for us & our girls to enjoy.

It’s another glaring stereotype that all women love shopping & to be able to do that from home amongst besties & bevvies sounds like paradise for some.

And what’s better than that? They’re free to host &, regardless of sales, they’re an evening of entertainment with games & giggles provided by the company host!

I know we’re all a bit skint at the moment between furloughed wages & excessive snack purchases, but these “at home” shopping parties can be as affordable or as pricey as we make them.

5. Double Dates

Nobody said we can’t have our cake & eat it too – we can combine date night with a mate date on a double date.

And, if you choose the right type of double date, we can have our partner, our friend and literal cake!

I totally understand that double dating can be hit or miss because, even though us & our friend obviously get along like a house on fire, our other half & their other half might not have such a spark.

But, on the up side, they could begin their own bromance that means both of you can have the best of both worlds.

My Fella & My Bella!

…Just don’t put your keys in a bowl, because that’s a whole other kind of couples night!

It’s such a shame that there’s still the notion that we should choose our partner or our pals, but you do you.

It’s 2020 – we can use our feminist rights to arrange whatever kind of date we like, right?

Join me in a collective eye roll at those “bellas before fellas” rhymes, go enjoy that date night with your man, then find a window in your diary to indulge in one of my “at home” mate date ideas with your girls.

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

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(“Make It A Date: 5 “At Home” Mate Dates to Avoid the Crowds” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for The Unseasoned Wag blog)

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