DIY Pin Up Makeover (With Diablo & Lekeux – #AD)

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With so many tutorials & ebooks literally in the palm of our hand, we have no reason not to be self made make up artists.

Yet I still somehow manage to look like the love child of a drag queen & a child’s painting of a corpse whenever I do anything more than apply a lick of lipstick!

As a vintage girl at heart with old fashioned ideals in romance & style, I’d love more than anything to nail the pin up look but I thought I was a lost cause, destined to lead a life of basic bitch beauty & a hired MUA every time I wanted to look all purdy.

But that was, of course, before my favourite pin up business badass, Lynsey Lekeux, gifted me this vintage beauty tutorial ebook.

Lynsey is the queen of her own self-made empire from which she – along with her vintage vixen sister, Diablo Rose – provides the tools & tips of all aspects of pin up pampering.

From the monthly delivery of cosmetics & accessories in their Pin Up Parcel subscription, to the magical makovers & photoshoots in their vintage salons, this pretty pair of pin ups should be the BFFs of vintage veterans & future femme fatales alike.

I mean, as well as Lynsey being the most influential business mentor who gave me an invaluable career 1-2-1, these two offer hen parties of the cutest kind, have their own retro diner & even franchise Lekeux salons across the country!

But the best part of the Diablo & Lekeux (f)empire for me is their vintage hair & make up ebooks for those as useless as yours truly to nail that fifties look at home.

They offer three ebooks; one hair, one make up, & one both.

So, being as skillfully unskilled as I am, I opted for the one that covers the basics of both aspects in the form of “The Collection: Vintage Hair & Make Up Tutorials From Diablo & Lekeux“.

It has the most stunning photos to illustrate the foolproof step-by-step guides of everything we could want to get that quintessential pin up look.

It helped transform me from this…

…To this, covering everything from the base & eyebrows to hairdos & winged liner.

It might be an imperfect version of the intended look but, with the simplicity of the tutorials, I don’t think I did too bad a job?

I might’ve done even better had I been equipped with a better make up kit than my odds & sods collection (of predominantly Disney & supermarket products!). Next time I’ll definitely be treating myself to some of the branded Lekeux Cosmetics or sign up for the Pin Up Parcel.

Overall, I would 100% recommend The Collection ebook if you’re looking to learn or brush up on retro aesthetics.

The look I recreated is very generically 1950s but, when it comes to recreating a look that doesn’t come naturally to you, having that instantly recognisable pin up look is nothing but a good thing.

It’s simple, it’s cute as a button & it’s basic enough to follow. I love it!

What’s more, once we’ve mastered these tutorials & want to venture even further into the figurative vintage make up salon, we can bag the other two ebooks that focus on hair or make up.

Or, better still, we can book ourselves in at one of the Lekeux vintage salons to watch the masters at work.

My pin up passion has piqued & my Diablo & Lekeux wishlist is already growing – no, you’re desperate for the handmade Disney princess bows to go live on Diablo’s shop!

What’s on your pin up beauty wishlist?

Other than, of course, your new favourite ebook thanks to my review – you’re welcome.

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

Pin it!

(Contains affiliate link for ebooks & affiliate link to subscription. “The Collection” ebook was gifted but all opinions are my own. Because, like, if I was going to lie I’d at least Facetune to make my pin up pictures better!)

(“DIY Pin Up Makeover” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for The Unseasoned Wag blog)

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