Make It A Date: 5 “At Home” Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s because we’re old romantics or because we’re already bored of the new normal & need something new to do, we’ll never not need a date night.

It would be easy to put date nights off for the foreseeable future, thinking that options are too limited on lockdown to do anything with our other half, but it’s amazing what weird & wonderful concepts our imagination can conjure up when we can’t go “out out“.

Your hopelessly romantic wrestling wag here has compiled less of “list” of & more of a “catalogue” of potential at home date nights – you’re welcome!

There’s plenty here that both of us have loved doing so I just know there’ll be at least one that both you & your other half will enjoy.

…And, don’t worry, the “how cute would it be to make dinner together” idea is most definitely not on here – while it may sound romantic in theory, that shit just ends up in the pair getting under each other’s feet & one stomping off to another room while the other cooks alone. We’ve all been there!

1. Game Of Love

I know dusting off the Monopoly board can trigger many of us after so many fallouts over the obligatory family game at Christmas, but games nights are genuinely a lovely date night in.

Connect 4, Guess Who & Ker-Plunk are eternal classics & the competitive fun doesn’t end there, thanks to the many games consoles & app play around us right now.

They unleash a newfound competition between us, they bring a carefree break from the monotony of adulting but, most of all, they are a bloody good giggle; board games are not bored games!

Favourites of ours on the old school games are Frustration & Tricky Towers on the consoles, & Mario Kart would be on there if we didn’t both get so frustrated by my hilariously poor hand eye co-ordination.

2. Digital Bargain Hunt

Hands up if you’ve ever watched daytime TV like Bargain Hunt or Cash In The Attic & thought about how much fun it would be to polish a turd to make it sparkle a profit like they do on those shows.

We’d always loved the silly idea of letting each other loose at a car boot with £20 each to buy whatever weird & wonderful trinkets we could to re-sell but, alas, car boots are no longer & the spare time to be able to sell on was never available.

I’ll never not be jealous of my bestie for actually going on Bargain Hunt!

But now we all have a quarantine of time on our hands, now is as good a time as any to recover our eBay passwords for an alternative date night of bargain hunting, thrifting & upcycling.

Set each other challenges to make each other laugh or items that remind you of personal memories together.

At worst, it will start a new competition between you both &, at best, you can earn a pretty penny to save for the days when it’s safe to take a holiday again but, whatever the case, the carefree fun of it all will definitely offer giggles aplenty.

3. Stranded At The Drive-In

If you or your spouse spotted that this tip’s title is a line from a movie musical, this is definitely an old school date night for you; an at home drive-in cinema showing.

There’s the wrestling wag version (i.e. budget friendly!) of this with the iPad propped on the dashboard as you both sit in the comfort of your car in the driveway at an intimate screening of your favourite film, or if your budget is a bit more footballers wag, why not project your choice of movie onto one of your exterior walls to watch from your garden?

As well as being ridiculously romantic & (mostly) cheap as chips, this at home date brings us all the best bits of a cinema visit without any of the bad bits.

…Unless you’re coupled up with one of those packet-rustling, question-asking, movie-interrupting fools, in which case, my heart goes out to you at this tough time!

4. Lockdownfest 2020

No matter what type of couple you are, there’s a festival style with your names on it & all you need to make it happen is music, refreshments & garden – you don’t even need the weather because, y’know, Glastonbury!

If you frequent the full on weekender festival & enjoy the hustle & bustle of the stage front, crank up your favourite live tunes in your boho chic outfit & dance away the night with multiple cans of Brothers cider.

You & your partner can even pitch a tent (I mean a literal tent, you filthy animals!) & skip the showers for that authentic festival weekender feel.

Or if, like me, the idea of camping & people-ing in general sounds like punishment for a crime you didn’t commit, you could opt for the more relaxed Proms In The Park vibe with some chilled music & champagne over some homemade finger food while you unwind on a cosy picnic blanket.

Failing that, fire up the BBQ & have a two person competitive eating food fest!

5. Locktail Hour

It’s a sad fact to some but we’ve all been taught recently that we don’t need pubs, clubs & bars to have a good ol’ knees up, especially with the bargain booze available now from supermarkets.

At home we can make a whole night of happy hour with more than just cracking open a cheap bottle of plonk over a nightly Netflix binge.

For the connoisseurs amongst us, there are so many subscriptions & kits we can purchase for our own at-home wine tasting evening.

(Tip: this is also a perfect excuse to overindulge on cheese for the night!).

Alternatively, make us of the leftover half bottles of spirits that have built up over the years of NYE parties to make personalised quarentini cocktails. Because lord knows we’ve all got them kicking about.

We’d be forced to make lots of champagne cocktails to use up the two bottles we still have from our honeymoon; we’re not fancy, we just don’t like champagne so we have loads of the gifted stuff gathering dust!

Hopefully it won’t be too long til it will be safe for us all to go out again for more conventional date nights but, aside from all the delicious places to eat (once a fat girl, always a fat girl!), I’m really enjoying fixing up date ideas that won’t break the bank or the lockdown rules.

And I hope there are similar couples out there who can benefit from my – admittedly slightly “avantgarde” – quarantine friendly date nights.

I’d love to know your unconventional couples’ entertainment during these strange times too. Ten bonus points if they don’t involve banana bread or Netflix.

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Make It A Date: 5 “At Home” Date Night Ideas” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for The Unseasoned Wag blog)

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