Saviors of ‘C’ Word Entertainment

This post is free of any mention of the ‘C’ word because there’s enough discussion of that on every corner without it bleeding onto this blog too.

However, in these times of strengthened yet isolated community spirit, there is a large part of our backbone – a vertebrae of our sanity, if you will – that Karen & Susan aren’t posting hourly Facebook memes about. (No shade to Karen or Susan – if endless lockdown jokes & stockpiling rants are your comfort, good for you!).

The Shows Must Go On

While we’re housebound & avoiding the overwhelming negativity of social media, our saving grace has been the arts; film, TV, Netflix/Prime/Disney+, YouTube, books, blogs, influencer content, sports entertainment, fashion brands, graphic designers, the list goes on but I know you know what I mean.

All these metaphorical lifesaving entertainers in their varying forms have been our recent lifeline with their talent, creativity & invitation of much needed escapism & for that the entire world is grateful.

But these saviours of entertainment – however important their work is to us right now – have all lost their jobs through all of this.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Now, before my message gets misconstrued, I know health workers & shop workers & all key workers (of which I’m one too – you’re welcome!) are absolutely vital to us all & we will never not be grateful for them being every other one of those necessary vertebrae in that backbone of our situation. But, while they are providing literal & physical wellbeing, artists are providing us all with mental wellbeing & happiness.

My personal situation has been affected by this as my husband is now out of work due to all the worldwide wrestling shows understandably being cancelled, yet wrestling via streaming services, online videos & even DVD (hello 2012!) is the light at the end of many an isolated & unwell wrestling fan right now.

And the same goes to every wrestler whose matches we’re enjoying while we’re on lockdown.

Ode To The Artists

To every author whose books transport us to a different reality.

To every actor/actress whose art allows us to lose ourselves in for a couple of hours.

To every fashion brand whose designs give us something to look forward to wearing at our next love-filled social gathering.

To every influencer whose blog is bringing us lighthearted clarity that not every corner of the world is doomed.

To every YouTuber whose cringe-worthy (often inappropriate) memes make us see the world from a different, better angle.

Pay It Forward

In these times there’s nothing any of us can do to show our appreciation to this eclectic array of entertainers right now – nobody expects anybody else to part with their own funds to fund someone else in a current whirlwind of financial insecurity & impending mass unemployment.

But, please, as cheesy as this sounds, just remember in the not-so-distant future how these artists helped us through all of this with their entertainment.

I don’t know when or even how but, at some point, we are collectively going to be able to pay it forward to them to show our upmost gratitude when they’re as down on life as we would be right now without their talent-fuelled escapism.

Now treat yourself to a trip down a Covid-free rabbithole & YouTube “Botchamania” – if you know, you know. And if you don’t yet know, you’re welcome! Wrestling fails are hilarious to everyone, not just wrestling fanatics.

Stay sanitized.

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

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(“Saviors of ‘C’ Word Entertainment” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on The Unseasoned Wag blog)


    1. Thank you so much for your craft & your entertainment. The world is having a tough time but it would be a whole lot tougher without the escapism offered by people like you, you wonderful superhero you! x


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