Platonic Valentine’s Day Feels [Gifted]

[Contains cards gifted but all opinions are my own]

With our collective minds ever expanding to accept every form of love, we don’t have to be a loved up couple swooning around in heterosexual romance to enjoy modern day Valentine’s Day.

I Am That Guy

I mean, I won’t even try to deny that I’m not 100% am one of those aforementioned romantic straight women who lives for a box of heart shaped chocolates on 14th February because I live for that shit!

But Valentine’s Day celebrates more than just the love between a couple. Especially now that the Cupid of choice is a sarcastic, bitterly realistic, Indian greetings card maker called Sasha of Cheeky Zebra.

I’ve featured her cards in my posts before & bought them for my own family because her completely relatable sentiments speak to me like to other, covering everything from gravity taking its toll on our boobs with every passing birthday to that awkward apology we need to make after we’ve made a bit of a dick of ourselves after a few too many drinks.

There’s A New Cupid In Town

And her range of V-Day cards get me in the feels too. Not only do they encouraging the coupley-couples amongst us to be uniquely romantic in that order-a-pizza-and-get-even-fatter-together way but they also let us celebrate platonic love for our friends.

Galentine’s Day – as the friendship side of Valentine’s is now known – is the most beautiful sentiment & Cheeky Zebra cards hit the nail on the head with the honesty of balancing adulting with loving your friends.

Be My Galentine

Life always finds a way of getting between us & our friends (work, family, finances, illness, travel – you know what I mean!) but these cards serve as the perfect reminder of our undying platonic love for our them & the key opportunity to tell them how much they mean to us.
I might not always be the greatest friend a person could wish for. I sleep too much to answer text messages sent after 7pm, I can’t leave the dog on her own too long when the husband is wrestling out of the country & I always have a negative answer when asked how I am.

But if I hadn’t have been gifted these Cheeky Zebra cards, I would’ve totally bought them with my own coin because these designs sum up everything I feel about my love for my friends even if I don’t tell them on a regular basis.

Whether you’re half of a couple, a proud whole on your own, or even a third of a thrupple, I urge you to pay Sasha a visit over at Cheeky Zebra & treat your beloveds to a card this February – let them know in this humorous & totally not cheesy way (hi there, Clintons & Hallmark!) that you love them.

Love Is Love

We don’t have to live in their pockets to let them know we care & we don’t have to be hopeless romantics to feel the love.

And to Vicky, Kayleigh & Danielle who I sent my Cheeky Zebras to: I effing love you every day of the year. Even when I’ve got a sulk on or disappear off the face of the Earth for a while.

Happy Valentine’s & Galentine’s Day, whatever relationship status you’re rocking.

Valentine’s cards by Cheeky Zebra | Galentine’s cards by Cheeky Zebra
Cheeky Zebra on Instagram | Cheeky Zebra on Facebook |Cheeky Zebra on Etsy

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Platonic Valentine’s Day Feels” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for The Unseasoned Wag blog)

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