Travel Goals 2020: Dream Love Island Stay

The husband’s wrestling career leave less time for holidaying than I’d like so I live my travel goals vicariously through the rich, the famous & the… Well, the whatever adjective you’d like to use for the Love Island contestants depending where you stand on that particular love/hate reality TV relationship.

As part of the plus size community that often sways towards the hate side of the Love Island debate because of the show’s infamous lack of diversity & inclusive representation, I hear a lot of negativity towards the whole thing but listen up; I have a solution with my own dream stay…
Reality Represented in Reality TV

Imagine a Love Island of diversity. Imagine a Love Island of acceptance. Imagine a Love Island of more than society standard “beautiful people” living their best life in fully tanned & toned, accessible, cis gendered, heterosexual paradise.

Any other time, that would sound so far removed from the actual Love Island we know & love (or hate?) that even imagining such a thing would be a stretch but, given the right setting, Casa Amour 2020 could be a utopian safe space for all.

Enter the heavenly holiday home rentals at Clickstay & their dreamy villa in Thailand, the Villa Busara in Koh Samui.

Mi Casa Amour Es Su Casa Amour

Villas In Thailand
Villa in Koh Samui

This 8-bedroom, 10-bathroom, 3-floor hilltop haven in the sun possesses otherworldly extravagance.

Its beauty begins with the sea views & forested mountain surroundings & ends in the finest of finer details, such as the in-house coordination of fresh local delicacies & Muay Thai boxing sessions. Catering for both Team Fatness & Team Fitness is what I like!

The largest space of all villas on the lavish Samujana Estate boasts every bit of luxury that the pampered Love Islanders could expect – including private infinity pool & jacuzzi, home cinema, games room & gym area – but opens its arms to embrace any perfectly imperfect people, like me, who just as worthy of finding love as the classically gorgeous ones.

Leave Your Discrimination At The Door

Accessibility issues are catered for with five of the eight (!) lavish en-suite double bedrooms being located on the ground floor, single parents are welcomed with the inclusion of a cot (because love me, love my baby), & all safety issues are conquered by the 24hr security – in uniform, for that extra VIP vibe – to help keep the anxiety at bay.

Villa Private
Cosy Up in Privacy

There are plenty of cosy indoor & cool outdoor private areas for couples to have a bit of “alone time” as well as group date night ideas for the communal areas.

And I don’t mean just your typical pool parties & prosecco cocktail binges (although you can absolutely go wild with those here if that tickles your fancy) but something a little more sophisticated, such as an in-house wine tasting at the villa’s very own wine cellar.

The most inviting part of this unspeakably gorgeous Thai villa that I think would make it the perfect location for the dream all-inclusive series of Love Island that we’ve all been praying for (because diversity means more than having one “plus size” size 12 contestant) is the decor.

Changing Rooms

Instead of having outlandish colour combos & those neon lights to indicate where the boys go, where the girls belong & where the couples are allowed, Villa Busara is completely neutral in its decor with ceiling to floor nude tones.

Villas In Thailand
Fit For Kings, Queens, & Everyone Between

These breathtaking interiors not only make it friendly to all genders & identities without the need of tired stereotypes like pink being “for girls”, but they also make way for same-sex couples & even a thrupple or two thrown in there – heaven knows those beds are big enough to welcome that.

Now that is diversity & inclusion. Welcome to my dream Love Island stay for 2020 – take note, ITV execs! Wouldn’t we all love to see a bit of that in both our holiday dreams & on our 9pm nightly TV slot?
Get Your Travel On

Ogling this not-even-hidden gem of a villa through online window shopping is as close as I am to a summer holiday – London & Spain are as far as I travelled last year with an imminent girls trip to Dublin next month, while the wrestlerman jets around to Germany, Austria, Italy, Pakistan for work. I know right, how the other half live.

But if any of this inspires you to visit Thailand (after binge watching aaaall the Love Island & other such trashy reality TV gold – sorry not sorry, that’s my forte!), check Clickstay for more travel goals for 2020:

Villa in Koh Samui
Villas in Thailand

Villas In Thailand
Love Island Pool Goals

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Travel Goals 2020: Dream Love Island Stay” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley for “The Unseasoned Wag” blog as an entry to Clickstay’s blogger competition)

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