Must A Blogger Be Pastel & Rose Gold To Be Successful?

Before I get into the flow of this post, I’d really like to say that this is intended with zero shade towards any brands or individuals & I’m not as bitter or jealous as the subject matter may imply. But now the pleasantries are out of the way, I really beg the question:

Must a blogger be pastel & rose gold to be successful?

It’s hardly an “industry secret” that a huge part of blogging is networking &, as such, relies pretty damn heavily on successful social media followings, engagements, marketing. Actual writing capability & entertaining subject matter don’t really count for much in the overall success of a blog.

As a wannabe writer (not an influencer), this naturally irks me but I still try my best &, for the most part, I actually enjoy networking on Instagram on a personal level.

Instagram is most definitely my social media method of choice – I live for pretty pictures, bright colours, exciting content! And I like to think that this shows in my own Instagram grid with my eccentric imagery from my wifestyle lifestyle.

Not So Picture Perfect

What isn’t reflected in the photographs of my feed, however, are the pastel palettes, designer selfies & flawless flay lays that are synonymous with bloggers & influencers alike; mine is much of an organised chaos of polka dots, awareness raising discussion points & this-is-what-I’m-doing-not-what-I’m-looking-like selfies. But aesthetically pleasing all the same in its own quirky way, if I do say so myself!

And, in the same way that my Instagram has a disorderly theme, my blog content is also a structured bit of everything as per my life as a wrestler’s wife.

It may be a pure coincidence, a lack of confidence/experience on my part, or just total paranoia but I am massively struggling to get The Unseasoned Wag off the ground & I do believe it’s largely related to my Instagramability (because that is a word!).

The Numbers Game

When I compare my blog to more successful ones it feels that the differences don’t lie in subject matter or writing ability but in brand validation & the thousands more social media followers they have above me on their much more stylised Instagrams (that are, more often than not, very trend-heavy in appearance & rather similar to one another. Think geometric backgrounds, marble flat lays, a blush hue).

The difference is so obvious. Too obvious, in fact, for me to just sweep under the carpet with my usual “each to their own/you do you/variety is the spice of life” view of life before opening up the discussion.

Now, I know comparison is the thief of joy & I haven’t looked into this to try bring myself or anyone else down – all the blogs/Instagrams I have noticed this on are those I avidly follow by choice because I personally love their content! – but for research into how I can improve my own blog. Why they are smashing it & I’m not?

If It Isn’t Broken, Should I Still Fix It?

These bloggers/writers/influencers work so hard on their content & networking & it shows why their blogs are getting snapped up for media opportunities & brand collaborations & paid work. They genuinely deserve the success they’ve spent years building up from scratch. And in terms of their now-stereotypically-blogger aesthetic, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

But, since beginning my blog, I have had the two-fold focus of using it to showcase my writing & share the ups & downs of married life.

Networking is fun but it isn’t my priority.

Social media is enjoyable but favours images over words.

I’m very proud of always being myself in every topic I’ve covered & I’ve always written about things that I’ve sincerely wanted to discuss. From life changing suicide attempts to doggie photoshoot days, The Unseasoned Wag has been from the heart & dripping in authenticity.

But, to put it bluntly, it is all failing.

My tiny mind has spent a good few months querying this whole obstacle & how to overcome it; do I stay true to what I originally set out to do in my writing to put out genuine content that not very many people will read, or do I spend more time networking & becoming more mainstream in fitting in with current themes so a wider range of people can read a version of what I feel?

Throw Your Hat Into The Ring

There is no wrong or right answer but I’m really keen to know your view on this.

Have you come across this before? Do you have any advice on how to overcome this?

Dani | Mrs Crater x

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(“Must A Blogger Be Pastel & Rose Gold To Be Successful?” was first published by Mrs Dani Crater on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


  1. I loved this!!! I have felt the same way these last few weeks. I’m not sure about how to get over these feelings aside from knowing your worth and having confidence in your content, but that is also easier said than done. Great read!!

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  2. I don’t personally care for the blogs that are made up of all super-stylized (phony) pictures. They look like ads to me. They are boring. I want to follow real people. Palette after palette of colors and perfectly made-up faces is all commercial crap. Just my opinion!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oops, I meant “accounts” not “blogs”. Instagram accounts. I especially can’t stand the ones where each post makes up one big picture of a model or product. All eye-candy, no real content!

    Liked by 1 person

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