This September I Have Mostly Been…

Paying homage to the monthly favourites posts from many a blog I regularly read & of the timeless Jesse’s Diets from 1990’s classic Fast Show, I’ve whipped up my own summary of all that jazz that has brought joy into my life over the past month.

So, this September (& only a few days late again!) I have mostly been…

Wag Life

Usually it’s an exciting thing when Crater gets booking to wrestle in new countries & this month he made his debut in Italy… Where he lost his passport & was stranded there for an extra four days til the British Consulate were able to grant temporary travel documents to get home. Stress just isn’t the word! But it has already become one of those moments to look back at & laugh & he’s already going back again next year.

Mate Dates

It was my lovely friend Kayleigh’s birthday this month & we celebrated with a girlie spa day at Worsley Marriot. The service was surprisingly terrible but it was a lovely day; the company was wonderful, the spa was gorgeous & the breakfast was every fat girl’s heaven.

Mental Strength

For months I had been meeting up with a “friend” (I use inverted commas because she was anything but) who has left me feeling truly terrible every time I saw her. She made me question everything that is good about me & magnify & dwell on everything bad about me & a few mutual friends have been telling me for a long time to just cut her off. I’ll do anything for a peaceful life but enough is enough & I’m proud to say that this month I took their advice & cut her off. Goodbye to toxic people.


I discovered & devoured The Boys on Amazon Prime. I genuinely can’t recommend this series enough! If you love superheroes but not the cliches that every saving-the-world-from-all-evil movie depicts, this is definitely for you.


Previously I’d been fortunate enough to balance my day job with my passion for writing by blogging during my down time in the office but the bastards have caught wise & blocked WordPress on all work computers – how rude. And because of this I’ve sadly found writing to become a chore this month. And that is wrong! So next month I’m setting more time aside for myself to fall back in love with writing & hopefully this will show in my blog. So many ideas, so many discussions, so little time.

I’d love to say I’d had a lot more going on but, for this month, that’s all folks. And that’s ok because we don’t have to have a diary full of socialising & memorable events to enjoy life!

Dani | Mrs Crater x

(“This September I Have Mostly Been…” was first published by Mrs Dani Crater 88 on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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