Sunshine Blogger Awards 2019

Oh em bloody gee, I haven’t been nominated once for the Sunshine Blogger Awards 2019 but twice!

Thank you so much to the lovely Emma at Sass & Clacks & Paulina at UKeveryday for the lovely nominations – it means so much to me that my wife life waffling is resonating, entertaining & even inspiring people out there.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a peer-recognition award, where bloggers can nominate the bloggers who are super creative, inspire them to grow, & bring positivity to the blogging community.

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post & link back to his/her/their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award & write them 11 questions.
  • List these rules & display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post & on your blog.

My Answers

Usually there are only 11 questions to answer but my double nomination gets me 22, so I hope these 22 nuggets of information tells you everything you never wondered. Wanna know more? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I have always had a secret ambition to write but, as a thirtysomething with zero work experience in anything writing-based at all, felt I would be laughed out of the room if I ever tried to pursue it. But blogging seemed acceptable for anyone & after getting married & becoming the wife of a wrestler – something pretty niche to write about to say the least! – it seemed like my time to shine.

2. What are your blogging goals for the next 12 months?
My ultimate goal is to give up or at least go part time at my day job in insurance & gain an income as a writer, so my first short-term goal once I’ve set up a more professional looking blog in terms of website gubbins (because technical stuff just isn’t my bag) is to receive my first piece of paid work.

3. What advice would you give someone who’s just starting their blog?
I’m still too new to the game to be offering advice but what I already have learnt is that networking is important if you want to see & be seen for opportunities for guest posts, events, collaborations & paid work.

4. What have been your biggest blogging struggles?
The technical side of this had been a nightmare as I know next to nothing about web building etc! Google can only help me some of the way &, even when asking for help from other bloggers on networking groups, I just don’t understand the answers given. Self-hosted? Servers? Monetising? What? But I’m determined to make my currently free WordPress blog with a directed URL an all singing, all dancing, fancypants branded website for my posts to live in.

5. If you had £1000 to donate to a single cause of your choice, where would your money go?
It would go straight to the Manchester Dog’s Home. My heart belongs to dogs &, after doing a volunteer day there a couple of years ago & seeing the truly remarkable work they do to look after these poor pooches til they find their furever homes, I know what a worthy cause this is. I may or may not have cried three times during my day there & I definitely fell in love with every dog there.

6. If money was no object, where would you travel?
I’d visit every Disneyland in the world! And then, so as Crater doesn’t divorce me after going full-throttle Disney mode, I’d take us both to soak up the sun in St Lucia & Hawaii.

7. If you never had started blogging, how different do you think your life would be?
It would be pretty much the same as it is now! My life at this point hasn’t been changed by blogging, which is both wonderful & depressing.

8. If you could have something named after you (either your real name, nickname, or blog name) what would it be?
A wrestling “finisher” move called The Unseasoned Wag would be quite cool but if it was a move based on my personality it wouldn’t do the wrestler’s credibility much good – it’d be less brutal, athletic & entertaining & more squishy, lethargic & humorous.
9. What’s your zombie apocalypse plan?
I would be the first one to get eaten because as soon as I saw an animal in trouble I’d try to save it & die trying! That, or I’d be the one staying home to look after the less abled (& the pets!) while the hunter gatherers went out to do their Walking Dead stuff – I panic far too much to be any use on the front line.
10. What are you currently super fascinated by?
I can spend hours not watching but listening to YouTube compilations of creepy, disturbing, unnerving videos. It’s an odd one, I know, but I enjoy imagining what the video looks like from the descriptions, reactions & audio. On an even more odd note, I have always also been fascinated by Myra Hindley & Ian Brady & The Krays &, on a further completely understandable & not at all obsessive note, I truly love Disney Food Blogs YouTube channel.
11. If the story of your blog was turned into a movie, who would be cast as you?
Jo Brand. She’s fat, she’s funny & I just bloody love her!
12. What was your main goal with starting a blog?
I started The Unseasoned Wag with a two-fold goal of both sharing my wife life as the newlywed of a pro-wrestler & acting as a bit of a portfolio for my work & skills as a wannabe writer.
13. How long have you been blogging?
It was my one year blogging anniversary last week (16th September), which I know is nothing compared to most but I’m happy with my progression with it this far considering I have just been tootling along in my own time.
14. How do you maintain the blog and life balance?
With it not being a “job” at this point, there hasn’t really been a struggle to even out the blog/life balance but I have already settled into a routine. As Sunday & Monday are my days off from my office job, Sundays have become my rest day & Mondays my “doing” day to write, network, plan, exercise & housewife.
15. Which blogger inspire you the most?
I love bloggers I can personally relate to so, as entertaining as the polished influencer-style blogs are with all their stunning photography of enviable travel & fashion, they’re not very “me”. Two of my favourites are Jess from The Good In Every Day Blog & Kelly from Jelly With The Belly because they’re both super talented, both have similar interests & struggles to me & both just utterly lovely people. But for an extensive (but by no means exclusive!) list of which bloggers make me tick, see my own Sunshine Blogger Awards nominations at the end of my post.
16. What are your favourite things about blogging?
My favourite things about blogging are having my own soapbox to sound off my views of the world & my own digital scrapbook of milestones & memories as both a wife & a writer.

17. How often do you publish content?
I try to do it once a week – or at least that is my ultimate aim – but over the last couple of months I’ve been working a lot on guest posts for other blogs (such as Live A Blissful Life & We Are Auburn) & even a couple of interviews that have been taking a lot of my writing time, so this has slid a bit.

I often debate with myself what is the best option when it comes to writing guest posts/content for others Vs writing posts for The Unseasoned Wag & I still don’t know how to feel; do I keep my “best” content & ideas & discussions for myself but risk them not being read as my still-relatively-new blog has very few regular readers or do I put my best content into my guest posts to appear on someone else’s blog but where more people will read it? Such a dilemma & I’d really appreciate anyone’s input!
18. Would you encourage other people to make their blog?
I absolutely would! Whether you’re a talented writer, a budding influencer or just want a place to keep a diary to look back on, I thoroughly recommend setting yourself a blog as your digital space for your own thoughts. It’s very therapeutic & even if you don’t want anyone else to see, you can set your blog to “private” for your eyes only – I’m a huge advocate of getting things off your chest so if talking openly scares you, a blog would be a brilliant outlet for you.
19. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?
For now, blogging is just a hobby but watch this space…!
20. What achievement are you most proud of?
It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the big blogs & paid writers but I’m so proud to have already had my first gifted item & gifted event within my first year. I’m also proud to have still managed to support smaller businesses with this through Luesque & PlannerFest & even when commissioning Becky of Beat Your Art Out to design my logo/branding.
21. What is a skill you’d love to learn?
I’ve been wanting to learn the art of dressmaking for a few years & Crater has even bought me a (very pink & girlie!) sewing machine but the poor thing has never even left the box, let alone help me create any new clothes. I’d genuinely love to learn how to use it but I think I need more than a few YouTube tutorials to teach me the ropes – I’m that basic!
22. If you won the lottery, what would you do?
I’d love to say something really flamboyant & eccentric but, in all honesty, I would use it to pay off my debts & make sure my family is comfortable in return for looking after me when I’ve been less financially stable. I’d also hire cleaners & interior designers to give our home a spruce, buy a couple more family dogs (we already have this planned – I want a Basset Hound called Joffrey & Crater a St. Bernard called Bernard!) & go on a lovely holiday. The rest? I’d keep for “as & when” use with some treats along the way, which I know sounds dull but I have no extravagant desires to travel the world & such, just the hope of a comfortable life for myself & everyone in it.

My Questions

I ask of my nominees the following questions that I’ve tried to relate to The Unseasoned Wag that may make for some insightful blog content for us all to read:

  1. What stereotype would you most love to prove wrong?
  2. If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance music be?
  3. Where is the line between old fashioned values being acceptable & unacceptable? I.e. being a housewife or breadwinner while the wedded counterpart fills the opposing role
  4. Who is the muse of your blog?
  5. When do you feel the most grateful to be you?
  6. How do you spend your “me” time when your other half, kids, friends & housemates are away?
  7. Why do so many of us feel selfish because we have a self care routine?
  8. True or false: you can be a masterpiece & a work in progress at the same time
  9. Discuss your thoughts on wags (infamous “wives and girlfriends” of sportsmen or celebrities who are known mostly for their husband)
  10. Share the biggest problem you have in life right now – a problem shared is a problem halved
  11. Describe your happily ever after

My Nominees

I know I’m only supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers but, heck, I’m only supposed to answer 11 questions & I’ve been asked 22 so I nominate not 11 but 15 of my favourite, most talented, entertaining, relatable writers from all walks of life. I nominate every one of this lovely lot for the Sunshine Blogger Awards:

  1. The Good In Every Day
  2. Jelly With The Belly
  3. Michelle Chantelle Hopewell
  4. Accessible Rach
  5. Odds & Trends
  6. Gemmas Little World
  7. The Blossom Twins
  8. And The Beat Goes
  9. Little Owl Loves
  10. Kirstie In Progress
  11. Larylarxx
  12. Something In The Way She Moves
  13. Vamp It Up Manchester
  14. Katie Saves
  15. Cara’s Corner

Once again, I am insanely grateful for my two nominations from Emma & Paulina. I already can’t wait to read everyone else’s answers & see your nominations.

Feel the love, share the love!

Dani | Mrs Crater x

(“Sunshine Blogger Awards 2019” was first published by Mrs Dani Crater 88 on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


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