This Girl Has Got Grit!

One of my biggest “sorry not sorry” girl crushes is ex-star of Real Housewives Of Cheshire, Leanne Brown. She’s glamorous, kind, funny, hard-working & hella inspirational, & I never fully realised just how inspirational she truly is til I bought (yes, bought – this isn’t an ad & I genuinely mean these words as you can probably tell from the photos of my dogeared copy!) her Girl Got Grit journal: Grace, Gratitude, Grit.

Love The Life We Live, Live The Life We Love

Grace, Gratitude, Grit is the most uplifting combination of inspiring reading material & reflective writing space featuring pearls of wisdom direct from Leanne’s own life experiences as a wife, a mother & an all round kickass woman in a “problematic” modern world.

I say “problematic” in inverted commas because the journal’s introduction alone reminds us that life is just what we make it; positivity breeds positivity & we only get out of life what we put into it. PMA & a gratitude attitude are such important concepts!

In my experience, journals have often either been glorified notebooks or unrelatable twaddle that means nothing to our Jo Average lives, but this one really spoke to me & I know it will tickle your collective journalling fancy too.

As well as sharing motivational anecdotes such as her experience in West Pokot in Kenya with One Woman At A Time charity that will really make you stop & think about British life’s privileges, Leanne’s journal allows us to seek out – and more importantly, achieve! – our goals on both a daily & lifelong basis using her GRACE technique:
End Date

Girl Power & All That Jazz

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when I purchased Grace, Gratitude, Grit because it seemed very “girl power” from the marketing & the first content after the introduction is “The Fundamentals Of The Girl Code”. For most people this would’ve been a huge selling point but my take on feminism is about exercising our choice power & allowing women to be/do/say/think/wear/eat what they want, even if what they want is to drop out of education to be a “kept woman” of a doting housewife who looks impeccable & cooks & cleans for her bread-winning husband. So a lot of today’s “yey to strong women who don’t give a toss about male opinions, boo to weak women who take on board male opinions” sentiments go above my head with a bit of an eye roll.

This was the right level of female empowerment for me & it really inspired me to work for my goals even if they are deemed unpopular opinions. This girl has got grit.

More Than A Journal

The insights into Leanne’s life & her tried & tested tips of how to smash it in our day-to-day lives are as entertaining as they are motivational &, where other books can be patronising or hard to relate to, this is so down-to-earth that it feels like it’s your friend sharing her stories with you. Which I absolutely love, because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re besties with their favourite celebrity housewife?

The self-help-book-come-life-planner contains double pages sectioned into daily goals relating to every part of our wellbeing beyond just physical & mental but even financial & nutritional self care. In a nutshell, these pages make the boring ways of looking after ourselves – such as drinking water or keeping track of our spends – a lot more fun with even more of a reason to fulfill them.

My Highlights

My personal highlights – other than the obvious fact that I’m able to plan & document my life’s journey inside it! – are the encouragement to de-clutter our life (which I did right away with a wardrobe clearout & a social media cull) & The Gratitude Game.

In its own words, the Girl Got Grit was “specifically designed to guide you from understanding what you want, why you want it & giving you strategies on how to achieve it”. And that’s exactly what it does. All with a flash of hot pink branding & real life anecdotes to keep it sassy, classy & a little badassy. If you’re really lucky, Leanne herself might even sign it for you.

Order you copy of Girl Got Grit‘s Grace, Gratitude, Grit journal by Leanne Brown here. You won’t regret it – I certainly didn’t!

Dani | Mrs Dani Crater x

NB: As I mentioned, this is in no way an advertisement nor is it affiliated to Leanne or Girl Got Grit in any way. All these opinions are my own & are being shared just because I genuinely believe in this journal, & I know that many of you lovely lot would benefit from having it in your lives too.

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(“This Girl Has Got Grit!” was first published by Mrs Dani Crater on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


  1. This sounds like such a perfect combination of things! I agree with you, that a lot of this stuff can be too simplified or single minded, to the point of being a tad patronising or boring. We do need more books/journals like this one which average women can relate to. It looks so pretty as well. 💖✨

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