Don’t Look Back In Anger & Never Forget: Long Live The 22

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 saw the second anniversary of the tragic Manchester Arena attack in which 22 innocent music lovers had their lives taken at an Ariana Grande concert.

Although the first anniversary was a huge celebration of their lives with beautiful Manchester pride pouring out of every corner of the city I am proud to call home (which means a lot coming from a Yorkshire Rose!), the family & friends of the fallen northern angels have commemorated the date in privacy with an intimate service this year.

One Love

To show our love & respect, myself & a work friend teamed up with the wonder women at Take Heart to spread the love throughout our city in our own way on this day.

Happy Mail From Take Heart

Feel The Love

We had the greatest pleasure of collaborating with the incredible ladies Louise, Deb & Sharon at Take Heart who voluntarily run this phenomenal organisation from which they simply & selflessly distribute crocheted hearts in random locations to remind the finders that they truly are never alone.

“No Tears Left To Cry”

Each red heart is crocheted by the hands of volunteers from all over the world especially for the cause & are all attached to handwritten tags of motivation, displaying quotes such as “you are not alone”, but for this project something different was done.

Something even more meaningful was created for this specific occasion.

“No Need To Hold It Back”

Share The Love

We left 88 multi-coloured Take Heart hearts in various public places in Manchester, Salford & Greater Manchester, with special focus on the Arena, the Cathedral & St Ann’s Square where this year’s memorial was held.

And each of the 88 tags attached read hopeful, motivating & inspirational Ariana lyrics.

Up until now we’ve only received two messages from those who found our hearts in memory of the 22 but reward or recognition wasn’t the reason we did this; we did this to show our respect in a quiet way, to show support for everyone touched by the attack directly or indirectly, to spread the love & remind that however tough times are or how alone you feel, there is always someone out there who cares.

Finders Keepers, With Love From Us To You

Keep The Love

If you found any of our 88 hearts around Manchester in May 2019 or anywhere around the country from our friends at Take Heart, please take them home as a reminder of your inner strength & the love that is constantly surrounding you even when you don’t feel it.

Don’t Look Back In Anger & Never Forget.

Angelika & Marcin Klis | Alison Howe & Lisa Lees | Courtney Boyle & Philip Tron | Eilidh MacLeod | Elaine McIver | Jane Tweddle | John Atkinson | Kelly Brewster | Georgina Callander | Liam Curry & Chloe Rutherford | Martyn Hett | Megan Hurley | Michelle Kiss | Nell Jones | Olivia Campbell-Hardy | Saffie Rose Roussos | Sorrell Leczkowski | Wendy Fawell

Don’t Look Back In Anger & Never Forget

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

( “Don’t Look Back In Anger & Never Forget: Long Live The 22” was originally published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

“You’re The Best, Best, Best”
“I’m With You”
“We’ll Get Through This”
“We’ll Get Past This”
“I’m With You”
“Unfollow Fear”
“No Need To Hold It Back”
“Unfollow Fear”
“I’m With You”
“No Tears Left To Cry”
“We’ll Get Through This”


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