What Wrestling Can Teach Us About Real Life

It’s been a while since I last mentioned wrestling but, as the wife of a pro-wrestler, it remains a key factor in my life. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing but never a dull thing to say the very least!
And while it may seem a very specific thing that only fans or wags can relate to, the world of Britwres can teach us all a few things about real life.

No, really!

It’s Real To Me, Dammit!
The whole “but it’s all fake” people can kindly go swivel because it is real… It’s just happens to be that the moves are dramatised as are in all films & TV & that the outcomes are “pre-determined”, meaning that they’re planned before each match.

But trust me when I tell you that when a wrestler moonsaults from a top rope, they really moonsault from a top rope.

And when they get thrown down onto a ladder, they really really get thrown down onto a ladder!

Photo courtesy of the husband

In essence, it’s just like real life; we know our overall aim but what happens to us on our journey towards that is real, unplanned & often out of our control.
Whether we have detailed life goals of what we’d like to achieve by what ages or are happy ticking off one item off our To Do list each day, we have control over the whats & not the hows in the same way that they know what their end result will be but not how much of a battering they may or may not take in getting there.
And do we ever see a wrestler getting flustered midmatch because a suplex happened when it should’ve been a cutter? Do we heck! (Well, not unless we watch Botchamania but that’s not the point. NOTE: this will be my last alienating wrestling reference of this post, you non-wrestling fans will be happy to know).

They just take it on the chin (literally) & carry on til whoever wins, wins.

Bumps In The Road
This is something we could all do to help us cope with our regular ol’ non-wrestling lives.

Accepting that our journey may occasionally take a scenic route as a result of diversions beyond our control in the overall optimism of knowing that we’ll still reach our chosen destination will help us all get that bit closer to beating our everyday anxieties. Which can only be a good thing, right?

As well as this, we can also add a bit of wrestler logic to protect us from the debris that is thrown at us on our metaphorical journey towards our dream location.

It goes without saying that wrestlers have years of training in the ring to master how to do what they do safely, so they plan & learn different moves that allow them to protect themselves from certain blows that still look as effective to the crowd as being kicked full force in the head.

And we can protect ourselves from unnecessary pain in the same – well, similar – ways.

Prevention 1 – 0 Cure

Photo courtesy of the husband

Instead of ensuring we jump into the throw safely as opposed to being painfully lifted into a potential injury, we can bubblewrap ourselves to protect from stress before it reaches us.

We can surround ourselves with the right people to banish our blues & bring forth our smiles, we can write down our plan of attack every evening to be readily armed for the next day, we can throw in the towel for a good nights rest to stop life overwhelming us.

There’s a lot to be learnt from wrestling about what not to do in life but the little gems like this are things we should all definitely do: Be More Wrestler! Even if you can’t stand wrestling.

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

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(“What Wrestling Can Teach Us About Real Life” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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