The Best Of Wag Times II: No Place I’d Rather Be

Although my husband is always jetting hither & thither for wrestling shows, I’m very much a home bird who would sooner take her creature comforts over an international job or booming social life.

So, when the two of us are apart, it’s usually because of his work commitments.

This time, however, the Mrs Walmsley Rule Book was thrown out of the window while I took a long weekend of social events & family visits to that London while my wrestlerman enjoyed a weekend off work with the house to himself.

What Ifs & Maybes

I had fretted over it for months before this weekend arrived.

What if I had a fibromyalgia flare up that left me inactive?

What if my anxiety got the better of me with all the very busy, very public events?

What if I couldn’t handle public transport after years of happily resigning myself to the comfort zone of my own car?

What if I miss that bearded ol’ wrestlerman of mine too much?

All of those were easily forgotten because of all the fun times that heavily outweighed them all – I mean, if anything can help you get out of your own head it’s a Spice Girls reunion concert & a front row seat at the musical Six with your brother & his husband. Lots of laughs & lots of sequins!

All of those, that is, except the missing my husband. Sorry not sorry.

Forever In Love

Call us hopeless romantics or call is vomit-inducingly soppy but everywhere I looked there was a “saw this & thought of you” moment there to give me all the loved up feels, from the bubblegum pop I bought at a Tottenham corner shop reminding me of the slushies we shared in Blackpool where he first told me he loved me to seeing Jess Glynne perform our wedding song live on stage at Wembly Stadium in front of thousands of Spice Girls fans.

Usually I’m a firm believer in living in the moment, enjoying watching a concert through your eyes as opposed to through the video you’re filming of it but, through blurry-eyed happy tears, I filmed the entire performance of Rather Be so as I could re-live not just that moment in time but the moment it became “our song” when it haunted us on an old Dance Moms advert (don’t ask – we’re just geeks!) & the life-changing moment I walked down the aisle to its beautiful lyrics.

I couldn’t wait to send it to him afterwards!

It’s probably not so great for his big bastard monster wrestling gimmick but we both had a “moment” over it & it was just so lovely.

But had we not have been in different cities while this happened, we would never have had this romantic moment to share – that gratitude attitude lark is one helluva powerful thing.

Absense Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Being apart from each other whether for his wrestling or for my “social” life (I say in inverted commas because I’m so far from being social it’s unreal!) is sometimes the worst but times like these really are the best of wag times.

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“The Best Of Wag Times II: No Place I’d Rather Be” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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