This May I Have Mostly Been…

Thanks to a little bit of the monthly favourites posts from various blogs & a lot of Jesse’s Diets from 1990’s classic Fast Show, I’ve been inspired to whip up my own monthly round-up of the things, people & places – and quite often food! – that have brought joy into my little ol’ wag life over the past month.

So, this May I have mostly been…


Right in the jellies

Complaining about the cinema at which I watched Detective Pikachu. Or at least I tried to but there is no email address on their website & the “contact us” form didn’t receive a response. The Odeon in Rochdale has given terrible service in 3 out of 3 visits this year, varying from staff with bad attitudes to staff working so slow that we only just made the film (that we had pre-ordered tickets for!) & then “losing” an entire box of promotional Pikachu ears within hours of receiving them that day. I’m calling bullshit right here. But the film itself was amazing & I look forward to discussing in a future post about how I felt it in my jellies.


Nap time with the pugglebum

Sleeping at every given opportunity as my fibromylgia has flared up with a vengance & left me feeling exhausted beyond exhaustion. I feel like most of the month has been a cycle of work, sleep, repeat but I’m hoping June will be much better for me.


It’s time to lip sync for the crown…!

Discussing Season 11 RuPaul’s Drag Race. No spoilers but my favourite wasn’t even in the Top 4 & the lip syncs in the finale were so disappointing! Still, bring on Season 12 & the UK Drag Race – I’m ready for you.


Afternoon tea at Last Drop Village’s Tea Shop

Eating warm scones with jam & cream. Over a year after I got married there, I finally had the pleasure of introducing my bestie, Vicky, to the wonder of Last Drop Village with a spa day, massage & afternoon tea that starred the most delicious scones either of us have ever tasted.

It might not have been the most exciting month but, let’s face it, it could’ve been far worse. I’ll take that as a win.

See you next month!

Dani | Mrs Crater x

(“This May I Have Mostly Been…” was first published by Mrs Dani Crater 88 on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


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