This April I Have Mostly Been…

Thanks to a little bit of the monthly favourites posts from Cara’s Corner’s blog & a lot of Jesse’s Diets from 1990’s classic Fast Show, I’ve been inspired to put together my own monthly round-up of the things, people & places that have brought joy into my little ol’ wag life over the last month.

So, this April I have mostly been…


Eating at The Ivy Manchester on a mate date, where the decor was impeccable & the dessert even more so (but not so much the steak tartare or marinated tuna starters, both of which were left uneaten. Thanks but no thanks – nothing wrong with either, just not to either of our taste!).

Course 2 of 3 at The Ivy


Watching American Horror Story, whose constant sex scenes & scenes of girl power that both just seem shoehorned in for the sake of proving a point irritate me no end but still had me gripped no less.

Murder House, Hotel & Cult weren’t for me but Asylum, Coven, Freakshow & Apocolypse were great & I loved Roanoke!

Unpopular opinion but it’s by far my favourite.

Beauty Products

Using Micellar Water to clean my lash extensions & never failing to be amused by blowing onto a soaked cotton wool pad to see it make bubbling micellar foam to scoop up onto my cleaning utensils.

No YOUR eyebrows are overdue a wax!


Crying at Avengers Endgame. No spoilers but if you know, you know.

No YOUR nails are overdue a manicure!

You’d think it’d be natural to envy the stereotypical champagne life of my favourite footballers’ wags but I’ve really enjoyed my month & I’m sure there’ll be more of the finer & not-so-finer things again next time.

Hopefully with better cared for nails & eyebrows.

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“This April I Have Mostly Been…” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


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