Wedded Bliss: The Honeymoon Period

You’ve said your vows & you’ve been carried over the threshold into wedded bliss.

You’ve shared the story of your perfect day with anyone who’ll listen & you’ve found creative ways to display your wedding keepsakes for all to see.

What happens next can go one of two ways; you can resign yourself to being the ol’ ball & chain & immerse yourself in the post-wedding adulting of updating your name & marital status everywhere, or you can walk hand in hand into the honeymoon period of happiness, security & the all important holiday.


Obviously, as a pair of hopeless romantics, we chose the latter!

And our honeymoon period lasted over a year as we didn’t actually fly away on our holiday til the week of our first wedding anniversary.

Why did we do this? Partly because of his work schedule – with his filming for 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown occurring a matter of days after our wedding day, the WOS Wrestling TV filming a couple of months after that & his resident wrestling bookings nationally & internationally running so frequently throughout the year that we couldn’t find a whole week to jet off – & partly because we needed time to save up for our perfect honeymoon after our perfect wedding.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

We ‘re far from snobbish, as you can gather from our ridiculously budget friendly wedding day, but we didn’t want to have to “just settle” for a holiday within our current budget.

What we wanted was ultimate luxury, romance & privacy in the sun. And if the only way to achieve that was waiting a year, so be it.

Neither of us had any bucket list travelling dreams so we were open to destinations &, providing they ticked all of the above boxes, we were happy to travel anywhere – within reason. As a pair of tall chunks, aeroplane seats are a natural enemy of ours.

And, in addition to a whole year of hard graft for the both of us, we were lucky enough to have money gifted to our honeymoon fund from our nearest & dearest in place of traditional wedding gifts so we really could afford to live our best holiday.

Honeymoon Hack

This is something I’d definitely recommend doing if you’re the type to specify presents because we found it a great help, paying for private airport transfers for us to start our honeymoon the second we stepped off the plane.

I know it’s a bit taboo because some feel that suggesting certain gifts of any kind is presumptuous or impolite, but you’d be surprised how many people do this as standard nowadays instead of household items & there are some really cute ways of doing this like including a little poem in your wedding invite.

We splashed out in every way (literally – including my first ever proper swim in the sea at the tender age of 31!) with an all-inclusive week at a 5-star beach front hotel with access to a private pool & lounge area & daily mini bar restock.

It was pure perfection!

Destination Perfection

The Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace in Fuerteventura is the most luxurious place either of us have ever stayed (I mean, how many other resorts have their own in house photographers offering couples’ shoots? Hence the very professional holiday snaps illustrating this post), especially with access to their exclusive Star Prestige area.

It came complete with self-serve bar & intermittent cocktails brought in person directly to your bali bed or poolside.

Drinking cocktails in what felt like our own pool – because we were the only two fools happy enough to immerse our whole bodies in the unheated water – was just bliss.

It was a buffet style display of international cuisine for every meal with snacks available inbetween & cocktails on tap at all hours.

Originally we were only going to go half board as going all-inclusive was an additional €95 per person per day but, at €7 per cocktail & an entire extra all-you-can-eat meal each every day, we more than got our money’s worth.

Plus the suite mini bar restock that was included with it was invaluable for the soft drinks alone for the pineapple juices we drank in bed after a cuppa every morning & the ice cold Diet Cokes we sipped on our beach-facing balcony every evening with our complimentary cookie & pretzel jars.

Everything was just ultimate luxury.

The sun loungers & bali beds were immensely relaxing, the food was plentiful & varied with different dishes every single meal including fresh fish, handmade chocolates & even caviar & lobster, the staff were so attentive & friendly that we literally didn’t have to lift a finger & they even grew to remember our bar order without us having to ask; two pina coladas or two of their speciality cocktails Iberostar (the blue sweet one) or Caribe (the green fruity one) – chuff knows if we can remember what’s actually in them but they were all alcoholic & delicious & served with fresh fruit adorning each glass.

Different signature cocktails were served every night & there was a gorgeous teppanyaki restaurant so exclusive they only served 16 people each night.

We booked to eat our evening meal there as a special date night on our anniversary as it was something neither of us had ever tried before.

It was phenomenal!

The chef was so engaging & entertaining & the food was absolutely delicious.

And we were even brought an enormous bowl of chocolate coated strawberries & vanilla cream for our celebration – I’m not ashamed to say I loved this extra attention us loved up pair were given.

The Personal Touch

Speaking of which, the personal touches & little extras lovingly given from the staff were just wonderful.

We weren’t expecting anything or telling people with any intent, but I’m so glad we did because these little additions made our anniversary so much more special. Especially as we only told the concierge once in casual conversation while we were checking in upon arrival & the absolute diamond remembered it more than we did.

The first added bonus of this was an instant room upgrade to a corner suite right by the private pool & sun lounge area & a bottle of champagne & handmade chocolates brought to our room… Much to our confusion as we just kept saying “but we haven’t ordered room service!” to the housekeeping delivering it til we realised it was, in fact, an adorable gesture from the management.

Anniversary surprise from Iberostar management

After our daily late afternoon visit to the pool, we returned to find yet another bottle of champagne & plate of handmade pastries in our suite with a handwritten note.

We were so bowled over!

Happy Anniversary!

But the best surprise was when we returned from our teppanyaki extravaganza that evening to find that the unmade bed we had left splayed with phone chargers & sun lotion bottles had been transformed into a romantic love nest with fresh rose petals leading from the door to the hearts arranged on our bed.

This was so lovely.

Naturally, we felt bad for the housekeeping dealing with the aftermath the next day but that was short lived as we enjoyed the romance together.

Romantic surprise from Iberostar – yes, they are my moment-ruining pyjamas by the pillows. Sorry not sorry!

We didn’t step foot out of the resort for the whole week! Not because we were bad tourists but because we simply didn’t feel the need to.

With an in house theatre with live entertainment every night, daily craft classes (where we made our own soap), satellite TV in every suite (where we fell in love with Disney’s Vampirina. No YOU’RE immature!) & even regular fitness classes available as part of the package in addition to the multiple bars, pools, spa, gym & the beach literally on the doorstep, we had everything we wanted without a dull moment to spare.

There isn’t a single thing either of us would have changed about this holiday.

And that is the way every couple should feel about their honeymoon; you deserve perfection, so you get perfection.

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

( “Wedded Bliss: The Honeymoon Period” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


    1. Absolutely! Starting married life with a holiday of a lifetime is the epitome of starting as you mean to go on. I thoroughly recommend Iberostar hotels for luxury – we loved literally every second of it & they have them in a fair few countries. x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you. We were both so ridiculously happy being spoilt rotten. It’s not something either of us had done before but would completely recommend every newlywed spend their honeymoon this way. Just perfection! x


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