Wedded Bliss: Stress Free Wedding Hacks

Anyone who knows me – or even anyone that doesn’t because it’s literally that obvious! – will know what an absolute stress head I am, so you’d think that wedding planning would be my worst nightmare. But you’d be wrong.

I’d love to say it’s because I’d found a miracle cure to calm my crazy-headed ways.

What actually happened to make planning my wedding a stressless &, dare I say, enjoyable(!) experience came naturally because I was so focused on having our wedding our way.

Bridal magazines & wedding fayres would have you believe that there are certain things that a wedding couldn’t possibly run smoothly without & other things that a wedding shouldn’t touch with a barge pole – these “rules” are your direct ticket to a world of worry & replacing them with your own rules will make for a much smoother journey down the aisle.

Now, telling you to sack off the rules of the wedding industry in place of my rules would obviously be massively hypocritical but, with that said, the wedding rules we set & followed made for a completely kickass wedding that was not only stress free but was budget friendly & fun to organise, so…!

This is not the time to blow my own trumpet so I’ll just politely leave a few life hacks below that were tried & tested by yours truly for her easy-going, trouble-free wedding of perfection, should you choose to apply them to your own set of rules.

Guest Free Means Stress Free:

This one is an unconventional one that ordinarily I wouldn’t have included but since getting married in a ceremony for two with no guests (or hassle!), so many people have said that they wished they’d have done the same thing for their own big day but they never realised this was even an option.

I’ve heard far too many stressful stories of family feuds, bulging budgets & a general lack of intimacy at larger weddings & it’s just not worth it in my humble opinion, so if you want a stress free wedding, opt for a guest free wedding.

No Strict Budget:

Again, this is an unconventional one that Martin Lewis would damn near murder me for but by working to a general budget agreed upon between the two of you (or whoever is paying for your wedding) as opposed to a very strict to-the-penny budget, we didn’t run into even half of the financial worries that are all too often associated with wedding planning.

Don’t Shout About It:

We might want to shout it from the rooftops that we’re getting married but telling your wedding plans to anyone who’ll listen is only going to result in too many people asking too many questions that are sure to stress you out.

If they don’t know that your flowers are going to be the same colour as your shoes, they won’t put the doubt in your mind that the world might end if they’re not the exact same shade & if they don’t know you had your heart set on fresh raspberries when only fresh strawberries are available, they won’t give you the feeling of settling for second best!

Wedding planners:

The Monica Gellers amongst us would be in heaven to single-handedly plan their wedding from start to finish but, c’mon, don’t be a hero. There’s help there so take it!

The invaluable help of our wedding planners, Jade & Vicki, at Last Drop Village was second to none & I’m almost certain that without their knowledge, expertise & all round loveliness I would’ve been the human embodiment of stress itself.

Keep An Open Mind:

I already touched upon this one in my last post about the all important wedding budget, but an open-minded bride is a stress free bride.

Instead of stressing out because pink peonies are hard to get for your spring wedding (I’m totally clutching straws here – flowers aren’t my bag but you catch my drift!), why not opt for a different flower that still fits perfectly with your colour theme without the onset of panic attacks?

Or perhaps reassess what season you tie the knot if a pink peony is such an integral part of your wedding?

There are far easier ways to still have your perfect day without a self-induced onslaught of stress headaches.

It goes without saying that we all want our perfect day to be just that with nothing to worry about before, during or after so I really hope that these few life hacks that worked for my stress free wedding will come in useful for your own stress free wedding.

And let me know how they work out for you in you do put any of them into practice!

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Wedded Bliss: Stress Free Wedding Hacks” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)


    1. It always pains me that so many couples have to put their own desires aside just for the sake of pleasing Great Aunt Daphne who they haven’t seen in years. If there’s any day you’re “allowed” to put yourselves first it’s your wedding day so just do you! That’s exactly why we did as we did. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way. x

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