Wedded Bliss: Handmade With Love

For those of you who have been with me for a while, you’ll know that before becoming Mr & Mrs Walmsley we were Mr & Mrs Cup o’ Candle who owned our own handmade teacup candle business & through this we found a love & respect for handmade, local & independent businesses.

So, with that said, the second post in my Wedded Bliss series pays homage to the ridiculously talented crafter companies that helped us have our wedding our way.

We may not have had guests to impress on our big day (check out my first post in this wedding series to find out why) but we still accessoriesed our combined arses off with our own take on classic wedding must haves.

This was the perfect way to stay true to ourselves while adding the personal touch of buying handmade.


Giant white paper lily & matching buttonhole handmade by Alana Phoenix & Co

I knew I wanted some kind of bridal arrangement but a 1980s posy or pomander just wasn’t me & I didn’t want to carry something just for tradition’s sake, so I wanted something that held sentimental value.

As a born & bred Yorkshire lass living in Manchester, white roses really speak to me but white lilies are also close to our hearts as my gorgeous wrestlerman’s gorgeous late mother’s favourite flower.

We opted for white lilies for his mum but wanted to make them a forever keepsake too.

Artificial flowers weren’t cutting it but after a very quick look on Instagram, I fell in love with Alana Phoenix & Co.

Her giant single rose stems ticked every box other that being a lily so this talented so-and-so was lovely enough to create us a one-of-a-kind 30cm white paper lily for me with a matching buttonhole for him.

As well as being beautiful souvenirs of our special day that are completely unique to us, our wedding flowers allowed us to support an independant handmade business while remembering my Mother-in-Law.

Giant white paper lily & matching buttonhole handmade by Alana Phoenix & Co


Green salted caramel cake handmade by a friend

Naturally, cake was a big deal to us pair of chubbers!

But as soon as the word “wedding” prefixes the word “cake”, the price soars horrendously & we couldn’t justify spending hundreds of pounds on something that only two of us are ever likely to taste.

Fortunately we have a few friends who, unlike us, are the most amazing bakers with incredible ideas of how to make our wedding cake our wedding cake.

We commissioned my lovely friend Scott to make us a two-tier salted caramel cake with salted caramel butter cream of white.

Nothing too OTT but still very “us”… Especially as the sponge was coloured green, our favourite colour!

NB: We didn’t eat the whole thing. We gave the top tier to our wonderful wedding planners & Last Drop Village staff for making our day so perfect & took a quarter of the bottom to my Grandparents to share over a cuppa for looking after our precious pugglebum, Betsy, during our romantic getaway.

Green salted caramel cake handmade by a friend

Cake Topper:

Needle felt bride & groom robin cake toppers handmade by Sugarley Love

The difference between a celebration cake & a wedding cake, in my humble opinion, is a cake topper.

Ours was a pair of fat needle felt robins handmade by Sugarley Love , a creative contact we made on the Yorkshire craft fayre circuit back in our Cup o’ Candle days.

These fuzzy little babies represent a daft couples in-joke (don’t ask – it was a “you had to be there” moment that probably isn’t even funny to anyone else!) & are really special to us as they gave our cake a further personal touch as well as helping line the pockets of our hard-working friend.

Hair & Make Up:

Hair & make up by Make Up By Meghan

I’m ashamed to say that, apart from a flick of eye liner & a lick of lippy, I cannot apply make up for toffee.

And my hair? There aren’t enough tutorials in the world to learn that shit myself!

Needless to say, I hired an amazing MUA who was not only able to set my hair as well as beautify my mug but she came to our hotel suite to make me over on location and come the night before to set my hair in pin curls. What an absolute diamond!

This is an element I that I was, admittedly, a bit picky about; I wanted to look made over like I’d put an obvious effort into looking my best on my one & only wedding day yet I still wanted to look like myself.

But after my make up trial (that she did at my own home – she really was that amazing!) I knew that Meghan at Make Up by Meghan was the one for me.

I know everybody says this but I couldn’t recommend this talented, patient angel enough.


Wrestlerman & me had agreed not to buy each other any gifts for our wedding day as we saw the afternoon tea & spa treatments the days before & after our big day as a gift in themself.

…But I fell in love with these personalised groom socks by The Rusty Bear on Etsy & they matched the colour of his tie & pocket square so perfectly that I just had to do it!

That’s my excuse & I’m sticking to it – it wasn’t because I’m a soppy bugger with more money than sense, it was just a matter of colour coordination. Ahem.

But he had the last laugh anyway – and this is the reason I’m including the shop’s stock photo instead of a shot of the ones I commissioned – because in my haste to order, mine said “Alex, my handsome groom. I can’t wait to be your wife, love Alex”. Doh!

Personalised groom socks by Rusty Bear

Every part of our wedding had that personal touch that screamed “us” in every direction.

We had romance, sentiment, humour, togetherness & complete originality & we love that no other wedding will ever be like ours.

Even if another couple sourced the exact same handmade elements as above (which I absolutely recommend to every bride-to-be!), there will never be a day the same as ours & I believe that’s how every wedding should be.

I urge everyone to support handmade when it comes to wedding planning – it’s completely worth it.

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Handmade With Love” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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