Size Acceptance & Body Diversity In… Wrestling?

We all know where we stand with the reality levels of “sports entertainment” wrestling; it’s scripted but it’s still real, much like The Real Housewives serials we all pretend not to watch but are secretly obsessed with.

Reality Vs “Reality”

We all accept that gimmicks, champion title holders, rivalries etc are all written by a creative team who simply pass this onto the talent to act out within their matches. So why is it that, in terms of social diversity, we’re seeing more real life inside the pre-determimed wrestling ring than in the media that we look to as genuine reflections of modern day reality?

It may be a bias promotion for a WOS wag to discuss, but viewing the aesthetically-varied roster of ITV’s WOS Wrestling is like opening a tin of Quality Street with the stunning variety of shapes, sizes, builds, colours, tastes. I suppose my wrestlerman could even resemble my favourite Green Triange too with those larger-than-life traps, lats & delts atop his tapered waist… I’m one lucky wifey!

WOS’ Green Triangle of Power & my wrestlerman. (TV screenshot image courtesy of WOS FB)

But, seriously, I have so much praise for the ITV creatives behind choosing the WOS line-up because there is so much genuine inclusion & inclusive representation with such a huge thumbs up for diversity without the patronising box-ticking of positive discrimination that some media companies run by for political correctness. All without skimping on talent.

The first obvious big fat yesses are the positive promotion of plus size talents such as Crater fighting the good fight for big men & the gorgeous “Megaton Barbie”, Viper, showing strength, intelligence and beauty in curves.

Smashing Stereotypes

The media often likes to portray us big girls as dumb, greedy, unattractive underdogs – or if they give us a happier role, it’s as the fat funny friend, which is Grado all over, but more on that loveable lump later! – so seeing Viper especially being portrayed as the powerhouse of beauty seems a real turning point.

Big & Beautiful – Viper Vs Aisha. (TV screenshot image courtesy of WOS)

Being beautiful in WOS – unlike with physical portrayals of the beautiful people in such as soaps & scripted reality – isn’t seen as a substitute to talent because all of these athletes are the real deal. Being beautiful is all about showing individuality & adding character, which is what it should be & not that being attractive (or stacked or curvy or athletic or petite or toned or bald or red-headed or tattooed) is a person’s character.

No Substitute For Talent

The prime example of this (if Crater & Viper haven’t already made it clear) is everyone’s guilty pleasure, Grado, whose gimmick is almost entirely “that fat funny one” – his character is there to rub against the typical tans, tits & teeth of the toned wrestling stars by being the comedic underdog who actually gets the job done.

And the way he wins over fans is neither because of the junk in his trunk nor his wrestling abilities, but because of how both elements combine with his Scottish wit, humour & charisma to create the whole package. Grado is a bundle of positivity in every way & I don’t care how much some try to deny it, we all love him for it!

There’s more to love of Grado whether you admit it or not! (TV screenshot image courtesy of WOS FB)

So many of the WOS Wrestling roster unintetially reinforce the weighty issue of diversity stronger & stronger with each arse they kick in the ring in so many ways & all done with such authenticity; athletic “has no curves so obviously isn’t a real woman Kay Lee Ray, agile “only small so obviously lacking in strength” Robbie X, “gorgeous woman on commentary only there for body & definitely not brains” SoCal Val, all ideals that WOS have totally quashed.

It makes me wonder, when wrestling can do this so easily, why all mainstream media doesn’t promote all of the same human variables as a reflection of real life?

Along with the self love & diversity acceptance movements we’re lucky to live beside, all fighting the good fight, I so sincerely hope that the collective positive spotlight on all elements of reality will be reflected by “the powers that be” in TV, advertising, fashion, influencing etc in their inclusion of actual life, not just the preferred versions of.

Sport (or “sports entertainment” – my bad!) isn’t an obvious place you’d think of looking but we sure as hell have found it there!

We praise the likes of WOS to have opened their eyes enough to include shapes, genders, ages, ethnicities, abilities, backgrounds, serious athletes, comic relief characters in their entertainingly exaggerated gimmicks & roles, accepting these qualities are just part of life without having to specifically emphasis their existence.

And while still staying true to their wrestling product with a roster of genuine talent showing how it should be done.

What A Wonderful World (…Of Sport)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn on the TV & see people like our IRL friends from work, the school run, the checkout of the supermarket, not just the out-of-reach wrestling sports figures…?

And if the name WOS means nothing to you, I thoroughly recommend catching the ITV wrestling shows featuring all of the above on Saturdays (check listings for times). Maybe even get yourself down to the last shows of the WOS UK tour.

WOS Wrestling UK Tour – tickets on sale now!

Mrs Dani Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Size Acceptance & Body Diversity In… Wrestling?” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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