The Present Of The Present

They say that today is a gift because it’s the present. They also say that marriage is the gift that keeps giving through all eternity, living your happily ever after together.

It fills me with the most unbelievable joy to know that the only person on earth who can give those priceless gifts to my husband is none other than me.

…But, seriously, I need to step up my game when it comes to the presents that money can buy. So can “they” stop being all deep & philosophical & help a wife out?

Saw This & Thought Of You

I always thought I was good at buying gifts due to having an inbuilt lifelong memory of in-jokes & an eye for “saw this & thought of you” items, but recently I’ve massively been put to shame in the loveliest way; my quirky, sentimental wife presents have been trumped by cool, handmade fan presents.

If I was to err on the side of bunny boiling, it could be quite easy to find myself feeling envy, frustration, maybe even paranoia(?!) when my husband returns from wrestling shows with manmade fan novelties, but seeing how special these tokens are & just how much time & thought has gone into them, I can’t help but get all squee over them!

My wrestlerman uses his social media purely for work as his wrestling alter ego to tout his talent, promote shows & interact with fans, so while my online presence was aaaall about our wedding from proposal to vows, he only shared a couple of quick, understated announcements that we’d tied the knot & are now saving for a honeymoon.

Imagine my intense level of girlie squee/aww/ohmigawd when he returned from his first post-wed international show with a personalised Lego wedding diorama of the two of us from a ridiculously lovely fan.

Fanmade Mr and Mrs Walmsley Wedding Diorama – thank you! x

On the surface, what an ace present to be made into an ever cool Lego scene! But the cool – and cute – doesn’t stop there when one must consider the thought & effort put into it by the individual, creating a sentimental souvenir for all time by putting in so much work to not only physically make up the scene using carefully sourced Lego pieces to look like his mask but to additionally spend time supporting his favourite wrestler with such an appetite to know that he has a) recently married & b) a big, blonde bride!

I was completely bowled over by this & it wasn’t even for me so I can’t begin to think how amazed he was to receive it.

Kayfabe Thank Yous

As a big bastard of a monster who is a mute at most promotions, it can be tough for him to thank fans for such adorable gestures without either breaking kayfabe (wrestling term meaning “the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic” – take it home wit’ ya!) or looking uncharacteristically “nice”, but he sincerely appreciates the support he receives from fans & even more so when they take their time & talents to make him gifts or artwork.

Pop Army

Since WOS Wrestling first aired on ITV1 in July with him as the ultimate bad guy of the series, interaction from fans across all social media has been a constant storm of the loudest thunder of praise & most spectacular lightning of fan art.

Wrestling fans are loyal & lovely & often a tad cray-cray but all have the most incredible imaginations & biggest hearts. Hand drawn wrestlerman, cartoon wrestlerman, Teenage Mutant Ninja wrestlerman, South Park wrestlerman, pin up wrestlerman (by CP Art as seen in my last blog post), wrestlerman on the side of a bus, wrestlerman… FUNKO POP!?!

Bow Down to the Wonderfan Who Turned My Husband into a Funko Pop!

We arrived late to the Funko Pop party so our love for them is shiny & new & our collection only small, containing exclusively our select favourite characters from film & TV (my fictional idols, Ursula of The Little Mermaid & Gotham’s Fish Mooney – swoon. Just praying now that they release a Velma Kelly!) & we are eager to grow our geeky AND FOREVER UNBOXED troupe.

So for another bit of fun to throw their creativity & superfan loyalty into one thoughtful gift by turning my mild mannered man mountain of a husband into one of the prized Funko Pops is just mind blowing! Mind blowing & utterly adorable.

When these super supportive fans spend their time & talent on making him these unique keepsake gifts, I’m pretty bloody certain it’s never done in mind of being called “adorable” by the wife of their favourite wrestler but, honestly, they truly are.

I’ll Take Second Place

They may well have knocked a lifetime of wife gifts to second place (until I buy him a St. Bernard dog but that’s another story for another day!) but the imagination, creativity & thought behind them make them all completely forgivable.

And as the aforementioned big bastard of a monster, his window to say this himself are slim to none so from your favourite wrestler via his interfering mouthpiece wife – THANK YOU!

See you when I’ve found a worthy present for his birthday next week,

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

(“The Present Of The Present” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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