Part I: The Best Wag Times

More often than not, circumstance means I can only cheer on my wrestlerman from afar – sometimes as far as a whole other country. He can be winning titles in Germany while I’m in a match of my own against our laundry pile at home. How the other half live!

I would love to share every moment with him as his super supportive trophy wife in what appears to be a jet-setting life but there’s so much more to his travels than that, & playing housewife & puggle mum in our Greater Manchester bungalow of boredom is actually a blessing in disguise for me sometimes.

The chores of an Unseasoned Wag

Instead of living in each others’ pockets & off each others’ frustration over delayed transport, lack of sleep & spending more time travelling than actually wrestling, I get to feel the absence that does indeed makes the heart fonder.

Second Hand Feelings

I get to feel the wonder of what he’s up to at that moment, the excitement of text updates & FaceTime tours (& airport presents!), the butterflies of waiting for him to return, the love that he’s happy to be back home, the pride of him retelling his adventures to me, the warmth of giving him that reason to deservedly toot his own horn by boasting the good points & the reflection of hindsight & growth by voicing the not-so-good points.

Any show can bring me all the fluttering feels of a first date, over & over again.

But girlie cheese aside, not being there to experience everything first hand not only makes for an eclectic “good day at the office, dear?” de-briefing conversation at the end of our day but it also makes the parts I do witness even more special.

Wag Bingo

My attendance to wrestling shows these days is few & far between but each time I go there’s a whole game card full of proud wifey clichés for me to tick off & coo over to win Wag Bingo; it could be watching the man I married wrestle the top American superstars I watched on TV, witnessing him hit a new move that he’s been working so hard on, noticing the physical improvement in his ability & agility coming from the hours spent training in our garage-turned-gym, hearing crowds chant his name & wear his face on their T-shirts, seeing fans waving handmade banners, even unintentionally eavesdropping in conversations of those around me, clueless as to who I am but unashamedly chatting loudly about the wonder of that wrestlerman, nevertheless. BINGO – I’ve won!

Special fan art commission by Caroline of CP Art

It always touches me to see in those moments just how much love (or hate in some cases, which still shows fan passion!) the masses have for him but none more so than when our “real life” friends & their families chaperone me to these shows & go crazy for him.

The Transformation

Sometimed they get scared by the transformation from “gentle giant” to “the monster”, often they’re astonished by how the talents unleashed before them have been otherwise hidden from them, & occasionally their children adorably declare they want to be “just like him”.

But every time, regardless, they are always guaranteed to get caught in the indescribable atmosphere unique only to wrestling shows & simply go wild with it!

Some of these moments are enough to make that naturally modest husband of mine blush but I find them truly heartwarming.

The perfect example of this was when he took me to celebrate my 30th birthday at Slattery’s, our favourite local chocolatier & patissier… Only to be recognised by two members of staff there who asked to have photographs with him!
It can be difficult to deal with being alone so much when he’s away but I comfort my self with memories like these to make it all better; when he’s not at home making my day, he’s some place else making the day of countless others by entertaining them, taking photos, signing autographs.

(More Than) Five Minutes Of Fame

The concept of celebrity is a strange one that can open a million debates discussing every pro & con of fame, but – in his own field – my husband is famous & every positive I feel about it completely wipes the floor with any negative.

…And long may this continue!

Mrs Walmsley| The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Part I: The Best Wag Times” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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