Here She Goes…!

First & foremost, thank you for popping over! It’s very bare bones at the moment while my old fashioned mind gets to grips with the technical side of blogging (or “writing a diary” as my I-wish-we-were-still-in-the-1990s head still sees it), but I hope you will like what you see.

So, to answer the silent questions I don’t hear you ask, The Unseasoned Wag is a rather fitting moniker I’ve given myself for the purpose of my writing & I think you’ll find it’s a bloody accurate one at that:

What Is An Unseasoned Wag?

Unseasoned” (adjective): not sufficiently experienced for use as by the passage of time, still has a lot to learn to prove oneself – I’m a touch wet behind the ears as a wife with less than 6 months of wedded bliss under my belt.

WAG/Wag” (abbreviated noun): meaning “wives and girlfriends”, usually in reference to socialites of media married to famous footballers & known for glamour & stealing headlines – I’m also happily inexperienced in being a stereotypical wag… Unless it’s VB, in which case I’d willingly go back to university to learn how to just be her.

I’m Dani (because actually calling me the Unseasoned Wag would admittedly be a bit wanky) – I’m the Yorkshire-mouthed, curvy (read “obese”), thirtysomething wife to a professional wrestler with a life not too dissimilar to the far-fetched drama within the ring.

Although often quite exciting, my life is currently taken up by wasting every day thinking of how to wife to my best ability against an average itinerary while my focused better half travels the world as his masked monster, kicking arses & winning titles & generally being his gorgeous, talented, wonderful self.

Learning How To Wife & How To Life

That magic wand that transforms a single lady into a domestic goddess after saying “I do” was never waved over me, so I’m teaching myself not only how to wife but also how to life; how to keep being the independant woman while being the doting housewife, how to love myself as much as I love him, how to look after & keep myself entertained while he wrestles the world over, how to start to take pride in myself while still being ridiculously proud in everything he achieves, how to do more with my life than just eat, sleep & watch.

…It all sounds very profound but, really, this is just a place for me to be self-indulgent & talk about being who I am/have been/will be while I coo over all the things I experience (on the rare occasion I do something), feel (mostly tired), think (too intensely), enjoy (on TV), learn (via endless Googling & YouTubing), achieve (after initially failing & sulking) & most probably bathe in. Because, y’know, bath bombs & that.

I look forward to experiencing all of the above to better myself as both my own self & as his wife & can’t wait to share it with you here as it happens.

Mrs Walmsley | The Unseasoned Wag x

(“Here She Goes…!” was first published by Mrs Dani Walmsley on “The Unseasoned Wag” blog)

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